Play Casino Roulette on Homeplay: Best European Roulette Pro Tips and Tricks.

Ever since it was first introduced, casino roulette has been one of the best-loved entertainment options across the gambling community worldwide. The game enjoys high popularity among beginner players and experienced punters alike for its relatively simple and easy-to-follow rules, decent winning odds, excellent financial rewards, and the over-the-top thrill it promises to everyone.

As technologies have evolved, casino fans have received a chance to enjoy their favorite roulette games from the cozy comfort and safety of their own homes. Using their mobile devices, players now can tap into the excitement of this game and get an opportunity to win a fantastic cash prize without having to visit a physical casino. Thanks to reputable and trustworthy online casinos like HomePlay, the best roulette games are available to SA gamblers with just a few clicks.

What roulette game is available on HomePlay?

HomePlay invites its visitors to try their luck with one of the most exciting and profitable online roulette slots out there. Called European Roulette Pro, this variant is well suited for new players who would like a chance to master the game at their own pace. It offers decent rewards but at the same time keeps things simple for those who lack solid skills and experience.

European Roulette Pro is a sleek and fun casino game boasting astonishing graphics, a smooth interface, and intriguing gameplay. Based on the classic European Roulette rules, this game features a total of 37 numbered spots, among which there is one zero slot and all the regular inside and outside bets. This variant of roulette provides players with a multitude of unique betting and playing options, such as quick play or auto spins, helpful hot/cold numbers chart, and more.

How to win more often in European Roulette Pro?

Roulette is a game of luck, and wins are not guaranteed here, no matter how good your strategy is. Still, here are some tips that might improve your odds of winning at European Roulette Pro online:

  • Opt for even money wagering options like red/black, even/odd, high/low that pay 1:1. These are safer and offer the player the best chance of winning.
  • Stay away from the “First Four” wager. A successful bet on the 0-1-2-3 series can pay 8:1, but the casino edge is very unfair.
  • Use the La Partage and En Prison rules if possible. In case your even-money bet lands on 0, the former will refund half of your initial stake, and the latter will leave the whole wager on the table for the next spin.

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