Starfield: Bethesda’s Next Masterpiece?

Back in November of 2011, Skyrim was released and changed the world of gaming for good. Since then, it has been released several more times through various versions, and the fascinating thing is that gamers continue to purchase and replay the same game — albeit with new bells and whistles.

Such is the popularity of the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim that players are more than happy to relive the experience time and time again. Considering how long it’s been since Bethesda last released a sprawling epic, it comes as no surprise that Starfield, their next big project, is looking to be the same mammoth success Skyrim was.

The world of gaming has always been filled to the brim with exciting technological advancements. Even the world of online casinos experiences the same significant improvements time and time again, which is why gaming platforms such as for example, are as popular as they are. That being said, is Starfield Bethesda’s next masterpiece?

Skyrim in space

Big fans of the Elder Scrolls series often refer to Bethesda’s other outings as different versions of the same Elder Scrolls formula. For example, Fallout 3 was considered to be the Elder Scrolls with guns instead of swords and magic. Many of their games adopted similar formulas, but you can hardly blame Bethesda for doing so. After all, if something isn’t broken, why fix it? It’s the kind of attitude that has earned them both positive and negative attention from gamers, as there’s no denying that many gaming companies have flopped due to being too ambitious and willing to make sweeping changes.

In this case, Starfield is touted to be Skyrim in Space. Todd Howard himself said this during one of his many interviews, and it’s an exciting thought.


What you can expect from Starfield

Considering that Skyrim is regarded as a vast, sprawling open-world masterpiece, the idea that a game could be Skyrim in space has significant implications. After all, titles such as No Man’s Sky and Elite Dangerous have shown just how big games set in the final frontier can be. Bethesda is setting itself up to build a game for the ages if they manage to accomplish what they set out to do. The idea of Skyrim in space might seem simple enough, but the implications point toward something much more.

A reason to be excited

Many other games have proven that it might not be a good idea to buy into the hype. Preorders and other practices have made it challenging for gamers to trust companies, but it doesn’t change the fact that Starfield could be something genuinely grand. It’s a reason to be excited, especially when it comes to a company that had recently flopped with Fallout 76. Considering how terrible the reception was for that game, Bethesda is more than likely to be looking for a way to get the fans on their side once again.

Would it be better to take the upcoming release of Bethesda with a grain of salt? Absolutely. Such a thing is a good idea for just about any game, as it’s best not to buy into the hype. However, there’s no denying that Bethesda is ambitious enough to build a masterpiece in the form of Starfield.


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